Me Gazetaret Gjerman te Televizionit RTL

Drejtori Ekzekutiv i Institutit Shtepia e Drejtesise dhe Pajtimit Kombetar “ISHDPK”, ka zhvilluar nje interviste me gazetaret Shelly Blufarb, Elif Ural te Televizionit Gjerman, RTL. Intervista eshte zhvilluar ne ambientet e Shtepise se Paqes.

Me poshte do te gjeni fotografite e marra gjate intervistes.



Executive Director of the Institute “Home of Justice and National Reconciliation” has conducted an interview with journalists Shelly Blufarb, Elif Ural for German RTL Television. The interview is held in “House of Peace”.

Below you will find pictures taken during the interview.



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